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Access rights in Groupvine

What types of access are allowed in Groupvine? I am an editor and sender however I cannot find where to modify lists etc. We also use volunteer builder which allows us to launch to your application for emails. Should we be managing our distribution lists/access from there or is there another access level I should have as an Admin?
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  • Hi Tara,

    There are editors/senders and administrators.  Administrators can manage group membership, including adding and removing members.  The only way to be get administrative rights is to be promoted by the current administrator or for them to give us permission to promote you.  If they cannot be reached we will contact PTO Today to get their approval.  I will email you directly with more information as I don't want to share your administrator's information here.  

    As for using Volunteer Builder, if you are using that to maintain your membership primarily, you should continue to use that to manage your distribution list as it offers membership management features that PEX doesn't.  PEX is primarily for sending emails.  

    I'll be in touch via email.

    GroupVine Support
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