Archiving emails and Auto send options?

Archive Emails by date instead of alphabetically by title. Or offer the option to see them listed by date, group, alphabetically.

Is it possible to set up an "auto send" so that if I created a months worth of emails and reminders, I could have them set to automatically go out to members on a given date. As a volunteer working this email system, sometimes I only have a short amount of time to create our emails and if I could do several in one setting and have them send at preset times, I think it would make the system even more handy!

-dde =)
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  • Hi Diane,

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    We do have the request for scheduled emails already. You can follow it here:

    Normally I would merge your email with that question, but since you have another request, I don't want it to be overlooked. Instead, I've marked your request as under consideration. If you could just go the link above and click on the "+1" that would show your interest.

    For the archiving, you can view your email archive another way. On your GroupVine homepage there is a link called "Group content (delete, copy, move) "

    If you click on this you will see your emails listed alphabetically, but you can click on the column headings to list them in a different order. You can also also click on your sub-group at the bottom of the page and see the group's emails there.

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