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Can group members email each other?

Is there a way that our group members can use this to email other group members? Or is it just between the administrator and the group ? We are using this for a middle school PTO. We were also wanting a way where parents can get in touch with each other if their child was sick and missed school and needed to find out about missed school work in case they were unable to get In touch with their teacher.
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  • Hi Leigh Ellen,

    It sounds like the best set up for you would be sub-groups.  You can set up each sub-group so that it's members can email other members, but not members of other sub-groups.  So a parent in class A won't send an email out to the whole school.

    Please see our page for more details about sub-groups

    If you would like to set them up, please send us your membership in a file and describe what you'd like done.  You can send this to us at  We can upload it and get it set up for you.

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