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Can't view images

Images uploaded to my email blasts appear for some users and not for others. It appears that when an image is uploaded the reference URL contains a carriage return and line feed instead of %20. This causes some of my clients to not view the image. Is there a better way to guarantee my images are viewed by all clients? Thanks! Melissa
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  • Hi Melissa,

    Could you let me know how you added the images to your email?  Did you use the editor's image button?  If so, then did you select your image and upload them or did you enter something into the URL field (if so, could you let me know what you entered?) or did you possibly copy them from another source and then paste them into your email?  

    If I look at the underlying HTML code for your email, your images look like they're not referenced in the "usual" way, which may be why some email readers are having problems displaying the images.

    Any information your could provide would be helpful!  If you feel more comfortable, you can email me at

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