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The PTO board has changed hands and we have switched all the admins on groupvine, but our new presidents emails are not reaching all our parents, however as the ex-president my groupvine email is going out to all, how do we fix this?
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  • Hi Melissa,

    I looked at your email archive and I see that both your's and Erica's emails were sent to "All" this morning and it looks like they were each sent to over 300 members. Your account does show your membership is at 442, but because of 48 "problem" emails addresses (these are addresses that have bounced twice and then we no longer attempt to deliver to these address so we don't look like spammers ... usually it's because of a typo in the address) and 76 members who have opted-out, it brings the number down to the 300+ recipients that were emailed this morning.

    If you'd like to email a smaller number of recipients, you could set up a list and then use the Quick Send group email address for that list to send from your personal email account.  It looks like you used the group email address in your Quick Send this morning and sent to everyone in your account.

    I hope I was able to answer your question!  Let me know if you have any other questions and if you have more specific questions about your account, because this is a public forum, please email us directly at

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