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What email filters should I set up so emails get to my inbox instead of my spam/junk folder?

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  • The preferred filter to set up is a “To” filter containing “groupvine” since emails are always sent to a group email address containing “”. This filter will capture emails sent to your main school community group, as well as members lists and sub-groups regardless of who the senders are.

    In addition to setting up a “To” filter, you can also add senders’ email addresses to your contacts, so they’re considered safe senders. 

    Also, if you read your emails using another application, that we also have access to, please contact us at for any help setting up your filter.

    Here are links or actual instructions for the following email applications
    Yahoo! Mail

    1. Click you gear icon and select Options 

    2. Click Inbox and sweep rules

     3. Perform steps 1-4 to save your rule as it appears in this image

    After saving, your filter should look like this
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