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Do email recipients have to CONFIRM to be on our email list?

It's too hard to get all recipients to do this. Or can we just add our list of members without expecting them to confirm their subscription? Please advise.

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  • One of the conveniences of GroupVine is that members who will be receiving email only need to be added to your account and not required to take any other action to receive email.

    We found that members don't always get around to setting up an account or password, so they miss out on your community emails.  By eliminating this expectation, you can be confident that your first email will be sent to your intended members.

    We do require approved senders, i.e. Administrators and Editors, to confirm their email address.  To make it very easy, when a new sender sends their first email, we ask that they confirm their email address then, so Administrators don't have to keep track.
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