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I’m concerned that the group email is not working properly.

Email attachments not included

I sent a weekly email to the entire group with 2 attachments on Friday, Nov. 16th. The body of the email went to everyone as expected, but the attachments (the reason for the email) were not received. I am a recipient of the emails and the one I received did have the attachments. So I forwarded my email to a few individuals who had contacted me and the attachments appeared correctly. I then tried forwarding to the entire group but the attachments again did not appear. After, I forwarded the email to a few more individuals and they received the attachments. Please help!
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  • Hi Ann,

    I'm sorry to hear of the problems you're having with email attachments and since this is the first time we've heard of this, we're hoping you and your community could help us to figure out why this happened.

    For privacy reasons, could you email us at with the email addresses of those who contacted you saying they didn't receive the attachments?  This would be the same list of email addresses that you used to forward/resend the email from your personal email account.  We're hoping to see a pattern and if it's okay, we'd like to contact some of these people to possibly ask a few questions to help us determine what is happening.

    Also, do you know of email addresses of members who said they did receive the attachments?

    Again, I apologize for this and the inconvenience and all your help is appreciated!

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