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Entire email content not displayed in draft version or final version.

We are having problems with some recipients not receiving all the email message content. In our most recent test, a recipients with a Mac computers saw the entire email message, but recipients with PC computers got the email message cut off. Plus, based on where it gets cut off, recipients may not realize they aren't getting the entire message. (because when you click the link to view in a browser, the entire message is displayed - but most recipients won't know to do this.)

We are using cut/paste to include information from different sources (letter from principal, reminders from school secretary, notices from school groups). Each of these blocks of information are separately pasted into the email - they may include different font and formatting. In addition, images are being added into the email.

In reviewing past emails, we have some that were also long that did display in their entirety. However, those were manually typed into the groupvine editor OR they were pasted as a single block of information rather than 3 or 4 separate cut/pastes.

Any help or insight into why we are having these issues with displaying longer emails would be appreciated!
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  • Hi SJB School,

    The problem you're describing is most likely caused by the cutting/pasting from other sources into the editor, which adds additional formatting that can impact your editing (where your edits don't "take"), and what shows up in members' inboxes may not be consistent with what you see in the preview.

    Although we recommend typing your emails directly into the editor, we know it's often more convenient to paste from another source.  If you paste from Word or from another source, it's best to use the "paste from word" icon ().  From the editor, click the icon and paste your copied content into the pop-up, and then click Ok.  This will remove formatting that can cause problems.
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