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GroupVine August 2014 Update - Simplify sending to just a few members, Quick Send to EW responders, IE11 support & more!

  • 1. Sending to just a few members just got easier!

    Need to create a new email to a handful of recipients? Or have you already sent an email and now need to send it to a few new families, or resend to a couple of people now that you've fixed their email addresses? Previously, you would create a new member list, add recipients to it, and then send your email to this list.

    Now, when creating a new email or changing recipients on an existing email's Email Settings tab (see images below), simply select the new option Select specific members to choose recipients from your group's membership.

    2. We've made it simple to email responders of an Engagement Widget (EW)

    Right from the widget, Administrators and Editors can now easily access an email address formatted specifically to email exactly those members that have responded in a certain way to a question in an Engagement Widget!  (Check out this quick 53-second video for a brief introduction  to Engagement Widgets. )

    To do this, click a question's envelope icon ( Hidden image ,  see above) to bring up a pop-up (see below) where you can select which group of responders you'd like to email.  You have options to send to:

    • All Responders ("Thank you for your time!"),
    • Non-Responders ("Even though we didn't hear from you, if you're free on Saturday, we can still use your help!"),
    • Responders of a specific choice ("Here's an update 9am helpers!  Please arrive at 8:45 for set up!") 
    • Responders of a combination of choices ("Afternoon Helpers!  The Wilson family is bringing pizza!").  
    ‚ÄčOnce you make your selection(s), copy the text in the highlighted box to the "To" field in a new email in your personal email account and send the email as usual.  (Sending emails to your group from your personal email account is also referred to as sending Quick Send emails.)

    Hidden image

    3. Here are a couple of other helpful new features:

    • To help locate an email in your group content (click Group content (delete, copy, move) on your group home page to get to your group content), you can sort the contents in descending or ascending order by clicking the Address Name, Subject, or Modified column header).  

    • Displaying your email archive (click Email archive on your group home page to view your archive) will now display faster by initially showing emails sent during the last 3 months and then allowing you to click to show the next 6 months, and then by year after that.

    4. Internet Explorer 11

    Lastly, thank you for your patience while we made the necessary changes to support the new browser version.  In case you had to temporarily use a different browser, you can now switch back to IE11!
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