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I have a member who would like to mute conversations

How do members mute group conversations they don't want to listen to? They still want to be apart of the email list however.
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  • Hi Tonya,

    If a member opts-out or unsubscribes to your community emails, then it will apply to all emails and they'll no longer receive any emails.  

    Is it possible this person can be excluded from the recipient list by sending to a list or sub-group (that doesn't include this person) instead of sending to "All", so the person doesn't receive these emails or their replies?  Or, can this person "nest" their inbox so replies aren't individually listed in their inbox?  Another option could be for them to set up a filter so all community emails are filtered to a separate folder, so they would need to check this folder for new emails, but at least all replies won't go to their inbox.  Just some ideas!

    Also, and I'm not sure if this will help, but if you were to create your email online, you could include an Engagement Widget (EW) in your emails by clicking the "Engagement Widget" button in the editor.  The way EWs work is that Administrators and Editors are notified of all comments and then only those people who have contributed to a conversation thread are notified of any comments added to that thread.  Although this may be helpful for the person who doesn't want to receive email replies, those people who would like to receive all emails wouldn't receive them unless they commented in the thread.

    Hope this helps!  Let me know if you have any questions!

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