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Images are too small

When I insert an image, it looks fine in the preview screen but once I send out the email, the images are really tiny. I tried to enlarge the image when I insert it but then it says my images are too large. How can I make the image larger?
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  • Hi Seaford Manor PTA,

    I took a look at your email and the included images, and I noticed the images have a lot of blank area so the image is actually larger than just the flyer.  For large images like this, we automatically resize the images so the entire image (not just the flyer portion) will fit within our email margins.  

    When I previewed, the flyers showed up as expected, i.e. by including the entire image, the flyers appeared smaller than possibly expected, but please let me know if you saw them differently since that isn't what we would want.

    If it's possible to only include the flyer images without any space around them, then I think it'll be "actual size" in your email.  I'll take a screen capture of the flyers and email them to you, but they may not be as clear as you would like and resizing the original images would probably be best.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

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