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Reply-to e-mail address

When someone wants to reply to an e-mail sent from GroupVine, how can we change the reply-to e-mail address to a ONE e-mail address? Right now it's going to all of our admins and we do not want that.
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  • Hi Campus Middle School,

    When a recipient does a simple Reply, their email will be sent to the email's sender.  If the recipient does a Reply-All, their reply will be sent to the sender and to the "To" group email address, but the latter email will only go through if the recipient is a general members and general members are able to send to the group (a setting on the Group settings page) or if the recipient is an Editor or Admin, who both have sending privileges to the group.

    I hope this answers your question.  Please let me know if I missed anything and you can email if you'd like to provide any specific details about your email in question.

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