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viewing on a mobile device

my pto newsletter gets cut off on the right hand side when viewed on a mobile device. Can you help?
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  • Hi,

    It looks like there may have been some copy and pasting done to create this email and the side ads were included in the copying as part of the email.  You can see this in the editor and in the preview where both the side ads and top ads appear in the email, and it should be either/or.  

    I've made another copy of your draft email titled "October Newsletter (GV)" which you'll see on your home page under Current draft emails and I've hopefully fixed the problems you were having reading the email on mobile.  Could you try sending another draft and letting us know?  Thank you!  (You can change the subject by clicking Email settings when you're in the editor.)

    The best and safest way to create emails is to type the email content into the editor from scratch or to make a copy of the email by selecting Group content (delete, copy, move) ´╗┐from your homepage, selecting the checkbox of the email to copy, selecting Copy, and then selecting Paste.  Once you have a copy of your email, then you can edit and add additional information or edit what's there.  Hope that helps!

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