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Welcome New Members

I want to send out an automatic Welcome email to new members when they are added to GV. How Do I set this up?
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  • Hi Julie,

    We don't have a way to set up an automatic welcome email for new members (like we do for new Administrators and Editors & Senders), but I noticed you allow general members to send email in your GroupVine account.  When new members are added from the Add member(s) tab on your membership page, by default, a "How-to" email is sent to new members.  This email is very short to let a new member know how to send email to members from their personal email account.  

    If you're more interested in sending your own welcome email, you could create an email and at Step 2, click the last option Select specific members and choose who you'd like to send your email to and send your email as usual.  

    Then, when you have additional new members, you can resend your welcome email and just change who the recipients will be.  To do this, click Email archive on your home page, find your welcome email and click the icon () in the Resend column.  Once the email is opened in your editor, click Email Settings down the left, deselect the previously selected members under Select specific members and select your new members, and click Save Changes.  Then before sending, you can click Click to preview Final recipients under your Send Final ! button just to make sure the welcome email will be sent to the correct members and if so, click Send Final !

    Hope this helps!  Let me know if you have any questions!

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